Frequently Asked Questions


Q.  I have no idea what to do in front of the camera. Will you tell me what to do?


A.  Yes! I know it’s not easy for most to be in front of the camera. Don’t worry, my dear. I will talk with you every step of the way. We will have music playing as we f l o w through poses and playing together to create beautiful images and/or film that you’ll love.





Q.  I need to lose 10+ pounds before I do this.


A.  Not really a question, but something I hear all the time. Why do we wait to enjoy our life and our bodies now? I totally get it. We all struggle or have struggled with it. It’s always my goal to pose you in the most flattering way. Also, this experience will help you to love yourself right now. You’re worth it.





Q.  Am I too old for boudoir?


A.  No. Of course not! I believe boudoir is all about celebrating your beauty and exploring your femininity. It’s about feeling confident, sexy, and captivating.  It’s about feeling delicate. It’s about feeling strong. It’s about embracing and discovering you as a woman. You are not too old. You are worthy. Always.





Q.  Will you post my images or film online?


A.  Only if it’s okay with you.  I’ve worked with women who cannot have their images online because of their career, ministry or involvement in the community.  Boudoir is very intimate, and I happily respect any client’s wish to keep their images private.  All clients who give permission to share their images online will be asked to sign a release form. 





Q.  Is hair and makeup included?


A.  At this time, hair and makeup is not included.  Many of my clients prefer to do their own makeup or go completely natural. If you are looking to have your hair and makeup professionally done, I am happy to point you in the right direction.





Q.  Where will my session be done?  


A.  Your boudoir session will be done in your home or your favorite hotel or bed and breakfast.  If you’re not sure where you would like your session to take place, I will send you a list of beautiful spaces in the area!





Q.  What should I wear??


A.  How do you want to feel?  Most of my clients book me because of my style.  They want to feel elegant, feminine, and beautiful.  If you decide on lingerie - I would suggest anything sheer and/or with lace.  These materials photograph beautifully and are so feminine.  I would recommend wearing whatever makes you feel confident and beautiful.  That could be a chiffon romper, a lace bralette and panty set, a soft robe, your husband’s work shirt, or just the sheets on the bed.  I typically suggest bringing 3-4 outfits to choose from.  Whatever you decide, you will look lovely.  


Q.  How much does this cost?  


A.  The boudoir experience starts at $900. 

Q.  Do you offer payment plans?

A.  Yes! Contact me directly to discuss a payment plan that fits your budget or you can use PayPal Credit to pay off your session in 6 months with no interest. 



Have different questions?  I would love to answer them!  

You can email me at ashley@adorellaarts.com or fill out this contact form.  

I will respond to you as quickly as possible.